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Adam and Eve had the best communion with God. Their relationship with God was broken when they failed a test. 
We all know how sin came to this does it also come in our daily lives.
We all are weak when it comes to dodging different situations and we fall.  We are even sometimes aware when we do it, the way Eve and Adam knew they were not supposed to eat the fruit, but they ate. 
From Adam and Eve and out of all the other examples from the Old Testament we can learn how to avoid the test coming our way. Here is what my father (Shekhar Nand) shared from the word of God and I wanted to share that here to spread this good message.

3 points for "how Adam and Eve broke their relationship with God":
  (1) They became convinced their way was better than God’s;
  (2) they became self-conscious and did hide;
  (3) they tried to excuse and defend themselves.


3 points for "how to build a relationship with God we must reverse those steps":
  (1) We must drop our excuses and self-defenses;
  (2) we must stop trying to hide from God;
  (3) we must become convinced that God’s way is better than our way.

With the name of Jesus we can conquer everything. Lets practice and win the eternal reward. :)

Blessings... MONU 

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  1. This is a very good post. Thank you, Manasseh, for the words here from you and your dad. We can all learn from the mistakes of others from the past. The steps outlined here by your dad are very good. I thank God for this good post. Bless you...c